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She always has time for my calls and texts and is beyond patient with my many concerns and questions. Kobyz kylkobyz Kobyz was sacred instrument. Ordinary people even were afraid to touch that instrument, because they believed, that kobyz like the owners of the instrument - baksis, had wonderful magic force and could influence ' the fate of man. According to the legends, kobyz and music of kobyz could banish evil spirits, illnesses and death. Kobyz - an antique two-stringed bow instrument.

Concert | Dombra kuï, eternal melody

It is an ancient type of bow instrument, which was used by the peoples of Siberia, Central Asia, along the Volga, and in the Caucasus. Each people have their own name for bow instruments of this kind, but they resemble each other in structure, hair strings, tuning, and method of playing.

Eien no Melody (Eternal Melody)

The structure of the instrument itself speaks to its antiquity. The kobyz is made of one piece of juniper, maple, pine, or birch. The instrument consists of three parts: the head bas , middle basis-keude and lower ayak. The basis of the instrument is made as an open cup, stretched downwards. Its lower part is covered in leather the sounding board.

Strings for kobyz are still made of horsehair. The bow is arch-shaped and resembles an arrow bow: a bunch of horsehair is bound to both ends of a curved branch and fastened by a firm thread of camel wool. The performer embraces the bow from one side by his palm.

The kobyz has an unusual rich and colourful timbre. The philosophical legend about Korkyt - the creator of this amazing instrument is connected with kobyz. However, since the end of 19th century it is rarely met. It is easily made by perforating three or four finger holes in a cane mm long. Since the 19th century sybyzgy is also made of metal. It is a favourite instrument of herdsmen and mostly used for playing songs and kyuis of lyrical character, which helped to preserve the most ancient mi: cal art, The playing technique is complex due to its primitive nature.

However, it is this design that gives the quivering, 'natural' timbre and rich overtone sounds that makes playing the ancient bourdon duo phony possible. Blowing the three-holed instrument produces a scale of over two octaves. To play it, it is held by the teeth and the mouth cavity serves as a resonator.

Eternal Melody

Real polyphony is achieved owing to the easily achieved overtones and their distinctiveness. Its chamber sound is most suitable for the lyrical songs. The shankobyz is a favourite instrument for children and women alike. Saz syrnai - an ocarina-type flute is made of fired clay.

Uskirik and tastauyk 'tas' - tone, 'tauyk' - a bird in Kazakh are similarly made. These arc children's instruments used to imitate the voices of birds and animals in addition to playing simple tunes. Improved types are very popular nowadays due to their fascinating mild timbre and used to provide a kind of colouring to the modern ensemble music. The zhetygen earned its name from the seven strings pulled over the frame, which is an empty box about one meter 3 ' long.

Two supports in the shape of knucklebone, asyk, are placed on each side under the strings and the instrument was tuned by varying the span between them. It is played by plucking at the strings and simultaneously pressing it on the opposite side of the support.

Muskurane ki: Eternal melody at midnight

This variation in tension of the strings produces vibrations of the sound pitches micro pitching giving special characteristics to the sound. By the 20th century, not even one of the zhetygen was found with Kazakhs, but thanks to the recollection of old people it has been restored.

Improved types of the zhetygen are nowadays used in traditional musical ensembles and orchestras. The next instrument, sherter, combines features of the dombra - shape - and the kobyz -gouged frame, finger-board without frets, two or three horsehair strings and leather upper board. It is smaller than the dombra and according to legends, shepherds used played it to round up the sheep.

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The sound it produces is so pleasing to the ear that even birds alighted beside the player. It was played in accompaniment to songs and epics. Today, improved versions are widely used in ensembles and orchestras. Add Review ficotw April 15, Report. Reply Notify me Helpful. Have: 2 Want: 6 Avg Rating: 5. Add a Video. Contributors Dig-junky-Kosmas. Qorgyt 1. Qorgyt 2. Qorqyt Saryny. Ushardyng Uluuy. Targhyl Tana. Elim-ai, Khalqym-ai. Torghai Tolghauy. Kozimbetting Sayny. Saghyntaidyng Kuii. Qazan 2 Version.

Zhez Kilik 1 Version.