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Ghost ship

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Sunday Times London, England , September 6, , p. At Totally unacceptable. Romana McCallum said on Twitter: 'Why is a flight allowed to leave when the boarding system crashes mid-boarding, leaving passengers at the terminal?

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Utterly irresponsible, expensive and huge waste of time: Why? Ryanair has responded to passengers online by telling them to private message the airline for assistance. The airline also told one holidaymaker it had a 'technical issue on the website' which is now resolved. Ryanair told MailOnline: 'This morning we suffered a system outage which caused some short delays at airport check-in and boarding. Passengers say their flights and boarding passes have disappeared from their apps and the website.

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The failure is affecting airports across Europe and passengers have said they cannot check in online or at the airport. Share this article Share.

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