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How to Train Yourself to Wake Up on Time in the Morning

Adrenaline can be great, but levels that are way too high can actually lead to anxiety, which results in decreased work performance. And, a thrilling event puts you way too far past that optimal level—which makes it hard to concentrate. Keeping your own thoughts and emotions in check can be a challenge. Taking those few minutes will hopefully slightly alter your mood or lower your adrenaline, so you can get back to your work with a renewed level of concentration. That matters. Your adrenal glands respond by releasing—you guessed it—adrenaline into your bloodstream. We just learned in the previous section that too much adrenaline leads to too strong of arousal, which makes it that much more difficult for you to focus and perform.

Put your phone in the other room. Close out that email tab in your browser. Next, make a list of your top three priorities for that day. That short list will keep you focused on the bigger picture and hopefully prevent you from getting swept up in the minutiae. Finally, try breaking your day down into smaller chunks.

You can use something like the Pomodoro Technique or even the science-backed system of 52 minutes of work followed by a minute break.

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Using these time chunks instills a greater sense of urgency, because you only have a short work period to do the most with—as opposed to your whole day stretching out endlessly in front of you. Plus, the brief breaks will give you a chance to take a breath and refocus when necessary.

Can't Sleep? These Medical Reasons Could Be Why | The Healthy

Or, maybe finally rolling on that huge project stirs up feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy. You talk to a colleague. You take another trip to the vending machine. You online shop. You scroll through social media. You untangle your paperclips. Image source. Get ready for a brutal reality check: You just need to buckle down and get that thing done.

In fact, get it done first —before anything else on your list.

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Eat that frog and tackle your biggest task first thing every day. There are plenty of different reasons that you might be running low on focus. Well, that happens. So, show yourself some grace, step away for a few minutes, and do your best to talk yourself into refocusing. Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Home Productivity Workflows Trello News. How to stop fidgeting and start focusing: 4 reasons why you can't concentrate, and what to do about them.

Tweet This. Dre , with co-production from frequent collaborator Mike Elizondo.

When You Work Long Hours

Musically, the song describes how 50 Cent believes that "if I [he] can't do it [referring to anything], it can't be done". Upon its release, the song was a reasonable commercial success. However, it did not match the commercial success of the album's three previous singles, only peaking at number 76 on the Billboard Hot in the United States, where the three previous singles had all peaked within the top three.

Nevertheless, it did peak in the upper regions of several national charts - most successfully in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number ten after being released as a double A-side with the G-Unit single " Poppin' Them Thangs ". Jimmy Iovine thought it should be the one that Dr. Dre produced, 'If I Can't'. But Em wanted ' In da Club '. In the end they were deadlocked, so they asked me and I told them, real quiet, 'In da Club'. Released in , it reached 76 in the USA, becoming 50 Cent's sixth Hot entry, but nonetheless his weakest charting single at that time.

The song was written by 50 Cent and produced by Dr.

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  6. Dre , with co-production from keyboardist Mike Elizondo. At the start there is a white male introducing 50 Cent; it then consists of video footage of 50 Cent in different concerts and documentaries. All of the members of G-Unit are seen in the video.