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It's ironic that she spends literally a tenner a day on coffee but she can't afford to heat up the house for her dear son. There are glasses in the dishwasher full of dirty water because they have been loaded the wrong way. He has a university degree, how can he not know how to put a glass in a dishwasher? The luxury chorizo sausage that was meant for a family tea has been demolished. Maybe I can use the chicken breast instead?

No, apparently not.

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Or the lamb chops? All gone. Morgan comments : Seeing as I'm her son, it makes sense for my mum to want to feed me.

However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Sometimes I'll spot a bit of chicken in the fridge and I might just decide to cook it up into a wholesome meal. Mum's phone's off but I'm sure providing her son with something to eat won't be too much of a problem. This is always a big regret though. This small decision of mine has now somehow become a case of me potentially being kicked out of the house, and this isn't even an exaggeration. And a year-old man needs to eat! If it's cold when I'm working at home I light the fire in one room, Ebenezer-Scrooge-like. Imagine my wrath when I see him flitting about the house in a T-shirt and boxers with all the radiators full on.

Option 3. Let it go in a Zen-like fashion and pay the extra heating bill, ignoring the nagging voice that tells you what a mug you are. It's the hidden expense that Morgan doesn't see. It costs money to use an entire washing machine cycle for a pair of shoelaces. The oven turned up to gas mark nine to cook one sausage - and then left on for the rest of the day, costs money.

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I laugh too, pause, and cast him a sideways look. He tells our son tales of how, in his day, he was expected to contribute most of his wages to the family coffers, putting the money in a teapot. The whole family is regressing. But then, as so often happens in families, moments later you're laughing in the kitchen, everything is forgotten in an instant.

Morgan comments : Annoyingly for me, I happen to have a lot of wealthier friends and so the idea of my mum taking money from me instead of giving me money towards rent seems absurd.

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It isn't really a problem in itself, and I do completely understand that bills need to be paid, but it seems my rent is increasing on almost a monthly basis. My mum will look for any excuse to raise it - the more I earn the more she wants me to pay! A six-month contract would at least give me an idea of how to budget for the coming months. How did the comment you made on your show lead to your tweet on Tuesday calling for women to share their stories with the hashtag YouKnowMe? I think you should think about starting that hashtag. It was the day after I had done the show.

I felt overwhelmed already by the responses to my show. I had to think about it. Then, last night, I went to dinner with my girlfriends, and we were on our phones reading about the Alabama law. This is the right time to do it. How do you feel about some of the negative reactions people have had to the comments you made on your show and the hashtag? I refuse to live in shame, and I refuse to hold on to something that I have no shame about. Not even for a second.

Men can be louder. I think they can be participatory and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with women, opposing these bills.

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Find out what embarrassing stuff the dumbass stars and planets have in store for you this week! Have you just experienced an FML moment? Feel like sharing it with the other FML users? Follow the instructions below, and if your story gets through the moderation process, it'll published in the next 24 hours. Thank you, your FML was submitted it will appear in moderation soon! Log in Login via Facebook Twitter. Email address. Password Forgot your password? Keep me signed in. Addictive Today, I was introduced to Minecraft.

I haven't blinked in 5 hours. FML I agree, your life sucks You deserved it Cujo 2: Electric Boogaloo Today, I was mauled by my own dog. I own a Chihuahua. His keys were in the door, he was just too drunk to unlock it.

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Today, on Maury… Today, I found out I'm pregnant after 14 years of being told I'll likely never have kids. I checked her room just in case, only to open a drawer and be greeted by a dildo. Sneaky Today, after losing a battle with ants in my apartment, I just pulled one off that was biting me in the vagina. Balls up Today, I woke up at 2 p. Mrs Heckles? Today, my batshit crazy downstairs neighbor threatened me with "legal action" for making too much noise.

Make it easy on yourself Today, I had depressive feelings, so I decided to write about it to find out what was bothering me, and let go of the negative thoughts. While doing so, I had a panic attack.

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Alexa, play "Meat Is Murder" by The Smiths Today, my girlfriend went on yet another long-winded rant about how dogs are family and should be treated as such, whilst stuffing her face with ribs. I asked her what the difference was between a dog and the pile of pig parts on her plate.

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Her only response was to call me a monster and dump me. Stranger Danger! Today, I was going into a store and saw a woman roughly handling a screaming toddler. I kept walking, until I heard the kid scream, "Help!

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The cops arrived to see me fending off blows from a very pissed off grandma.