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Initially, the protagonist DuckBob annoyed me by being a lech. Whenever he talks about Mary, he describes how physically attractive she is. He also does some things that are a bit creepy, e. Okay, sort of on purpose. What, a guy's sup Basically, this is a road trip in space.

What, a guy's supposed to save the whole friggin' universe and can't cop a little feel? The mitigating factor is that Mary doesn't seem to mind, but that only applies in-universe. Similarly, DuckBob meets someone in chapter 7, who is both a vegetarian and a pacifist. DuckBob's conclusion is that this person is a "sissy" and "a little girly man". Not a very enlightened point of view On a less controversial note, there's a bit in chapter 8 where someone mentions 75cm, and DuckBob tries to do some maths in his head. I initially assumed that he was trying to work out whether a particular object would fit into that space, but then it turns out that he's just baffled by metric and needs the equivalent distance in inches.

That's not exactly wrong; in fact, it may well be an accurate representation of Americans. However, as an English person I just find it bizarre. I had a similar reaction to a "Star Trek: Voyager" episode, where the holographic doctor gives a temperature in Fahrenheit. Have they really not moved to SI units by the 24th century?

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Having said all that, the book gradually grew on me. The author has very visual storytelling, and it helps that the core cast look so distinct from each other.

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No Small Bills was an entertaining story with lots of humour both centered around a guy with a ducks head etc but also within the situations the group find themselves in including a time travel segment where the butterfly effect has a major impact on events and not forgetting the motor vehicle impersonations. I will certainly be reading the other Duckbob novels by Aaron.

Sep 17, Jayson rated it it was ok. No Small Bills tries and fails to live up to Douglas Adams' work. Where Hitchhiker's Guide is witty, this book is crude and blunt. Where Adams goes on witty asides, this author makes constant references to how attractive some portion of a female character is. My twelve-year-old self may have found this book crassly amusing. As someone who left puberty behind long ago, I had a difficult time getting through what should have been a very light read.

If you like juvenile humor and aren't offended by No Small Bills tries and fails to live up to Douglas Adams' work. If you like juvenile humor and aren't offended by the main character ogling a female on average once per page, it may be okay. I frankly found the humor clunky and characters two-dimensional. Didn't enjoy. Dec 19, Reynolds Darke rated it did not like it.

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In recognition of these facts, one organization has been created that can. These are the first four books in the O. Words: 72, Published: November 20, by Crossroad Press. Tensions run high as they are forced to attack other ships to maintain their new identity, and a disgraced former officer's grumbling begins to border on mutinous -- and to gain support. It's up to Captain Demming to hold the crew together. Words: 83, Published: January 11, by Crossroad Press. DuckBob Spinowitz has a problem.