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Arena and Kace continue to have great chemistry and inspire their friends and the rest of people.

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To see good people rewarded and bad punished can be very satisfying. And the little glimpse we get down the road was wonderful. This book was an excellent conclusion to the love story of Arena and Kace. A book focused on such a strong woman that constantly becomes a better human, touching lives all over is a worthy book in itself.

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Add a man who loves her so completely that he will not only do anything for her, but is honest and open to all about his love makes it an even better read. Together they are unstoppable. They can make the world better for all. Sep 20, Hollie rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , badass-heroine , insta-love , love-triangle , romance. I read this trilogy within a couple days' time frame, so I'm just going to be lazy here and rate the series as a whole since I felt as if I would have rated each individual book the same.

On more than one occasion I had to reference back to see exactly w I read this trilogy within a couple days' time frame, so I'm just going to be lazy here and rate the series as a whole since I felt as if I would have rated each individual book the same. On more than one occasion I had to reference back to see exactly where a certain character was introduced and who they were etc. This tends to take away from the character depth of some of the main characters. However, at times, she was too over the top. She was the best at everything and constantly excelled and anything and everything.

Overall, I'm glad I read this trilogy.

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It was fast paced and kept me hooked. I've already downloaded more of this writer's other work to check out. Mar 16, valerie savage rated it it was amazing. Great book! I couldn't wait for The Devil's Wrath to come out. I have loved all of C. Owens books and this one didn't disappoint! With a few twists and turns, she had me laughing and crying throughout the whole thing. You definitely have to read this one!!! View 1 comment. Apr 06, Maria rated it it was amazing.

That was the best possible ending to the trilogy, in my opinion.

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I loved Kace's and Arena's love-war story, so to speak, so damn much! C: I read the first book three times. The second two times; and the third - one time. This series was damn amazing!!! Mar 23, Linda Michelle Rogers rated it it was amazing. Owens has surpassed all expectations I love the Faders trilogy. This third book was so amazing. I was so caught up in it that I couldn't put it down.

I laughed and cried definitively the best one yet. Just love my C. Apr 06, Danita Smith rated it it was amazing.

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I've never screamed a loud "hell yea" like I did with this book. Owens doesn't disappoint. May 15, Angela Arrington rated it it was amazing. This book made me laugh out loud and cry. I fell in love with all the characters as well as the story. I highly recommend that you read not only this trilogy, but all the books this author has written! Sep 08, Kristina rated it it was amazing. I'm not a lover of paranormal but I love love loved this series.

Still havn't managed to read something of C.

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Nov 16, Karen rated it it was amazing. As always the best. There hasn't been a book that I've read that isn't fantastic. I have read several twice when new books are added to a series. Now waiting on the new books. Jul 20, Alicia Gabel rated it it was amazing. Great all around ending book. The way this book series was rounded out was perfect.

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By From Wire Reports. A small wicked smile settled on her face as she stopped for a second and stared in excitement. Lucifer sat in a chair with his back to her, which he had placed in the middle of the room. The lights above him flickered and in the rhythm of that light, dark splashes of blood gleamed on his grey colored suit. His arms rested on his thighs and his eyes gazed at his palms. An instant euphoria welled up in her and she walked closer as she realized he had been a bad, bad Devil.

Oh, she loved him that way from the depths of her cold-blooded heart. Good old Lucifer was back. The smile turned into a big grin as she went around him. Unfortunately, there was no more blood on him beside the splashes. Irritated, her glance moved to the huddled, whimpering, pitifully battered man at his feet.

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  4. It seemed he had spared his life. What a shame.

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    5. He hadn't been able to kill a human at all. Instantly, Lucifer broke away from his thought-ridden stare, as if he had only become aware of her presence in this moment. He glared at her menacingly and she backed away, though she didn't want to. Her instincts to escape immediately were to blame. She feared Lucifer, but nobody could condemn her for it. Seething rage and iron bitterness had devoured his devilish eyes. The angry inferno behind his iris was about to burst, seeping in to the black nothingness of his corrupted soul. Every single muscle was tense. But more importantly, what have you done?

      Lucifer was silent. He leaned back and reached with one hand into the inside pocket of his suit to grab the pack of cigarettes. Ignited solely by pressing the stub on the back of his hand, the cigarette only took one powerful breath before it completely turned to ashes between his thumb and forefinger. He hadn't been able to hold his anger anymore. There he stood now with clenched fists, a growling beast swelling in his chest, while he tried desperately to bury the ancient monster again.