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We saw all types of monkeys everyday we were there. It was the highlight of our trip.

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Thank you Andrew, I love that you have had a good time in the Shamana, you are welcome whenever you wish. Wish we could've stayed longer.

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Thank Danielle, I am really happy with the experience you did in the shamana ecolodge. Generally, there are few insects, only at some times of the year, you are welcome when you want.

This house is truly in a jungle setting with the wildlife one would expect to see in Costa Rica - toucans, parrots, monkeys and sloths. One could spend hours just sitting on the porch looking into the jungle for movement or just taking in the serenity. This is not a place for… Read more.

Heart Of The Jungle

Hello Michael, thank you for your very nice comment, I felt that you understood the experience I want to make my clients live, that is, the connection with nature in a comfortable place. The only thing is the beds, I'm a little surprised because I have a very comfortable… Read more. The shamana was a beautiful place to stay. Nature is right outside the door.

We saw many birds, lizards, spiders, and monkeys in the yard. The home is quiet and peaceful.

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The beds are comfortable and the kitchen is well equipped. As it relies on solar, one day it rained all day… Read more. Thank you Nathalie, I love that you have had a good time in the Shamana, you are welcome whenever you wish. As for the solar panels, it is a very abundant electricity, in 3 years of use we have had only 3 times problems. But obviously, you need to use it in another way, it is… Read more. The eco lodge really is situated in the middle of the jungle with the comforting noise of it around you.


I highly recommend a 4x4 car to get there and around. It is nicely decorated and the balcony provides a great view into the jungle. As to be expected with an eco lodge in the… Read more. Thank you Bettina for your comment. Yes, making a house like ours is not easy, we are in the middle of the jungle, we are self sufficient in light and water, and this sometimes has small challenges.

We are very attentive to what customers tell us to keep improving constantly. It really is the jungle. Monkeys, birds, some kind of ant eater, frogs toad I suppose the size of my fist, and the leaf cutter antz were amazing. We only stayed two nights and could have soaked in more jungle were from an old city in Canada. It really is about the jungle,… Read more. Ana's place is lovely. There is a troop of Howler monkeys that live in the trees in front of the property. We also saw toucans and hummingbirds as well as a Coati on the drive up to the house as we were arriving.

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It really is in the jungle and has some lovely touches. Note… Read more. The installation centers on the role of green infrastructure and the need to care about the space we live in on a day-to-day basis. The main hall of the building invites interaction not only from regular visitors, but from everyone who wants to pause for a moment and take a deep breath in the company of plants.

Green zones help you relax, encourage you to make new friends, and tell stories about the enormous potential hidden in our green companions. The plant market will be organized on November 24 for everyone willing to take their favorite plant home. Book now. EN PL. Puro Mag.

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